Chatra Tourism

Chatra, the administrative headquarters of Chatra district of Jharkhand state, illustrate an amazing concoction of natural magnificence and historical significance. As a travel lover, you should make a visit to this awesome destination at least once in your lifetime because it is specially blessed with nature’s beauty. Chatra city is surrounded by awesome looking waterfalls, which ensure that the natural beauty of India cannot be matched with any other part of the world. So the time has come for you to be familiar with such pleasurable experience by visiting Chatra.

Chatra Tourism
Waterfalls in Chatra

Best Time to Visit at Chatra

The city of Chatra is one of those regions in Jharkhand state, which remain very hot during the summer season. During this season, the temperature normally remains around 40 °C and thus visiting this place in such hot weather would not be suitable for you. Similarly, the winter season is also very cold here as the temperature remains around 12°C to 14°C. For all the travel vacationers, the months of October and November offer the most favorable time to explore the natural sightseeing attractions of this historical city.

Helpline and Important Contact Numbers

Department of Tourism
Government of Jharkhand
F.F.P Bhawan, 2nd Floor, Dhurwa, Ranchi-4
Phone: +91 651 2400981
Telefax: +91 651 2400982
E-mail: [email protected]

Top Tourist Attractions of Chatra

The beauty of Chatra largely recognized with the amazing waterfalls. Majority of the travelers visit Chatra primarily to explore the beauty of these waterfalls. So here are the most visited tourist attractions of Chatra:

Bichkiliya Waterfall

Bichkiliya Waterfall is located around 11 kms distance from Chatra in west direction. It is a water reservoir on the bank of River Niranjana or Lilajan. This waterfall attracts visitors via its snow-white showers with musical tone providing the panoramic view to everyone’s eyes. This tourist attraction is, however, inaccessible for many tourists and thus this picnic spot has now converted into an adventurous spot.

Maloodah Waterfall

Maloodah Waterfall is also counted among the top tourist attractions of Chatra city. It is located about 8 kms distance from the western side of this place. You can reach at this destination by driving up to five kilometer while the remaining three kilometer can only be covered by foot. The most fascinating thing about this attraction is that the water falls from the height of almost 50 feet without touching the sides of the hillocks. Maloodah Waterfall has been cut in semi circle with steep walls but it is certainly a treat to watch.

Gua Waterfall

If you are planning for spending holidays at Chatra then add Gua Waterfall in your visiting list. Located around 6 kms distance from the city, it allures the attention of many travel vacationers via its majestic beauty. The water falls in the reservoir, which is placed on the middle, from the height of 30 feet with all its three sides are covered with rocks. This picnic spot is also used by the people by taking dip on each Monday during the months of Shrawan.

Keridah Waterfall

Enjoying excursion at Keridah waterfall is always a special experience for any travel lover. It is nestled on the North-West direction of Chatra city with almost 8 kms distance. The water falls here in three parts between two hill rocks that provide a picturesque view to the visitors. The tourists would like to click some nice photographs in front of this waterfall to remember this memorable moment again and again.

Balbal Duari

Located at a distance of 35 kms from the east of Chatra on Gidhaur-Katkam Sandi Road, Balbal Dauri is certainly one of the most preferred waterfalls among the worldwide tourists. Traveling to this place during the winter and summer season would be suitable for the travelers because it is difficult to travel during the rainy season. A large number of people visit this place especially during the occasion of Makar Sankranti when they have a holy dip in the water. One can also reach here directly from the place of Hazaribagh.


Apart from the aforementioned waterfalls, Chatra city is also favorable for the tourists through a wonderful natural spot called Tamasin. It is placed around 26 kms on the north-east direction of Chatra and it boasts of a big reservoir of water where one can reach by foot. Tamasin is largely popular for the image of Goddess Bhagwati and of course, stunning waterfalls that will certainly refresh your mind. Furthermore, the meaning of Tamasin is ‘darkness prevails’ and it is applied on to this place because this region is full of mixed forest adorned with high trees making the area dark even during the daylight. Thus, this beautiful sightseeing attraction should be visited by you during your holidays in Chatra.

Where to Stay at Chatra ?

In order to explore these magnificent tourist attractions of Chatra, you would require for an accommodation where you can be relaxed and refreshed. But finding such comfortable stay is not a problem in the city as it has some wonderful hotels where relaxed stay is provided to the guests. The hotels in Chatra offer sojourn to the travelers within their elegant rooms, which are fully soaked with multiple modern amenities. Not just the relaxed stay, these properties also have modern dining places where you can savor mouth-watering food items of local and international cuisines. Moreover, these hotels also benefit you with their location as one can easily reach to the city’s tourist attractions while staying at their premises.

Prakash Hotel
Chatra, Jharkhand - 825401

Swastik Guest House
Near Boys High School
Main Road, Chatra
Jharkhand - 825401

Ajatashatru Hotel
Station Road, Gaya
Bihar - 824231

How to Reach Chatra ?

Before deciding on the tourist attractions and the accommodation for your holidays, the first thing that should come into your mind is how to arrive at Chatra. This historical city of Jharkhand is well connected to the major towns of the state like Ranchi and Koderma via National Highways (NHs) 99 and 100. However, reaching here via railway can be tricky for you because the city does not have its own railway station. But if you are bounded to travel through train then you can come at the nearby railway stations like Gaya Railway Station located at almost 75 kms and Koderma Railway Station, which is placed around 91.8 kms distance from Chatra. The international tourists can also take pleasure of this beautiful place by taking their flight up to nearby Gaya International Airport in Bihar (73.9 kms).

Gaya Junction Railway Station
Railway Station Road, Jagdeo Nagar, Gol Bagicha, Gaya, Bihar – 823002
Contact Number: 0631-2220283
Station Code: GAYA

Koderma Railway Station
Jhumri Telaiya, Jharkhand 825409
Contact Number: 06534-222410
Station Code: KQR

Ranchi Railway Station
Lower Chutia, Gosaintola, Ranchi, Jharkhand 834001
Contact Number: 0651-2460488, 2461404
Station Code: RNC

There are many places in India which may be small in area but provide you a big opportunity to enjoy your vacations. Chatra, a small town of Chatra district of Jharkhand state, provides exactly the same experience to you with its magnificent natural sightseeing attractions. The scenic beauty of Jharkhand is a major source of its tourism and Chatra forms a foremost part into this sector. The city of Chatra, which has been adorned with beautiful waterfalls, presents every nature lover, an enjoyable time to spend during his or her vacations. Waterfalls are indeed the natural wonders and therefore, visiting these waterfalls in Chatra might be an awesome experience as they are stunning to watch and lovely to hear with their splitting voice. Besides that, these waterfalls are the favorite hubs for the photographers. Thus, as a travel vacationer, you just have to pack your traveling bags and be ready for holidays of lifetime.

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